How can we encrypt and package the code after completing the streamlit project

I have developed a project but I am not intrested to give the source code directly to the client. I want to encrypt the code and package it into a single file.So,How can I encrypt and package the code to keep my code secure

Host the application yourself so that the client can run it without having the code.

Actually we need to host it on the client’s instance. So looking for some encryption and packaging.

The code would have to be decrypted so that the interpreter can run it.

Is there any way we can mask the streamlit code and give it to our clients?

Since Python is not a compiled language, I don’t think it would be simple to accomplish this. You can obfuscate it a little bit fairly easily, but I don’t know of an easy way to hide it from someone who knows what they are doing and really wants to get it.

Protect source code with pyinstaller · Discussion #5687 · pyinstaller/pyinstaller · GitHub

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