How can you be sure of the number of users?

Hello everyone

I would like to know if the number of users displayed in the Streamlit Cloud settings is the real number. I know that if the IP changes it counts for a new user but how can we be sure that these are real people and not Google robots?

Hi @Jumitti . I think you can check the analytics of your app in the dashboard but I’m not user how to display it as a number in your app

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Hi @Jumitti

Further info on App analytics and viewers can be found in this Docs page:

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Thank you for your answers @Guna_Sekhar_Venkata and @dataprofessor . Indeed, I am talking about the user counter in the dashboard. But can we really trust it?

@Jumitti I’m not sure about that. But if you mentioned some any email of your users means, definitely those emails are stored in the analytics with actual names. Otherwise random name will be seen in that.