How do i change the app title and favicon?

how do i change the app title and favicon ?

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its always like this image

Yes, I would like to know this as well.

Hi @qxlsz, thanks for your question. There is no way at the moment to change favicon. As for title, it reflects the name of your script, but no way to customize it. I am going to create a feature request for this.


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This topic is old and now the feature has been implemented:

st.beta_set_page_config(page_title='your_title', page_icon = favicon, layout = 'wide', initial_sidebar_state = 'auto')
# favicon being an object of the same kind as the one you should provide st.image() with (ie. a PIL array for example) or a string (url or local file path)

You can read page 86 of this documentation for more details.
Hope it’ll help anyone…


If you find this with google: it’s not beta anymore, so st.set_page_config(bladibla) does the trick


When i acesses my app troughthout heroku i still see the “my_app_title * Streamlit” and i want the * *Streamlit gone…how can i do that? when i run localy i see whithout the *Streamlit name at my app title… :grimacing:


You need to upgrade the version of Streamlit. Version 0.84 removes the appending behavior you are experiencing.

Okay, but my streamlit app it’s in version 0.85…

Hi @feliperoque :wave:

I suspect your local installation of Streamlit is version 0.85, while the version on Heroku is older. Could you update Streamlit on Heroku and check if you’re observing the appending behavior?

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@snehankekre how should i do that? because where i know, when you upload your streamlit version to more newest version and do a push through github, automatically heroku is updated…but seems like he isn’t updating to newest version…

Hi guys, i solved this by passing the latest version of streamlit (in my case 0.85.0) in requirement.txt. Then, i did a push do github and heroku automatically update the version! :partying_face:

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You should now use:

st.set_page_config(page_title=None, page_icon=None, layout="centered", initial_sidebar_state="auto", menu_items=None)

Please refer to this documentation for the favicon and title :

I updated this answer since it is the first option when googling for this.

@sebastiandres I tried this but I am getting the name of my page.Streamlit when I push it to github. On my localhost it works fine. Any ideas?

st.set_page_config(page_title='XYZ', layout = 'wide', page_icon = 'logo2.png', initial_sidebar_state = 'auto')

This is my requirements.txt file:

streamlit== 1.8.1

Ohhh, now I see your point. It’s the minor diference between “XYZ” and “XYZ · Streamlit”.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 09.04.08

I tried a couple of ideas without too much success. It seems that changes the app title as the last step of loading the page, so it might not be possible at all.

You could always host your app on other places (heroku is mentioned frequently) if you want more control of how it’s build. being offered as a free service comes with limitations!

Even then, it is still not working. .Streamlit is appended to the title. Is the issue fixed?

It is not an issue, it is a design election by the Streamlit team for the the platform. Why is having that text such an issue?

You could always embed the Streamlit in an iframe of a simple html, if you must hide that you’re using the Streamlit cloud.

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Thanks for clarifying what the problem is @sebastiandres.

In the case of Streamlit Cloud, I don’t even know that it’s a conscious design decision, it could just be an artifact of not realizing it needed to be removed in the separate Streamlit Cloud codebase. Either way, yes, it’s not a bug.