Removing page title

Please let us know, if anyone who is facing the issue og running app with the page title app .streamlit, anyone who can share the info to remove this .streamlit please, urgent response is needed.

Hi @Daniyal56,

I guess you are saying that you want to change the page title yeah? If that’s the case then streamlit provides a way to change the page’s title and you can add icons too.

import streamlit as st

st.beta_set_page_config(page_title=None, page_icon=None, layout='centered', initial_sidebar_state='auto')

With this you can give your page any title.
For more info, check out the API docs -


Thanks for giving me response, but after using the func of beta_set_page_config, still it’s showing app .streamlit in page title with favicon…

Could you provide me a screenshot and your code snippet? Because it should not show app.Streamlit after using that function.
I did use it and here how it shows in my app.

st.beta_set_page_config(page_title='Detect Digits')


However, I don’t know how to remove .Streamlit.
I guess its default syntax is yourTitle.Streamlit


yeah, I want to remove this Streamlit.

Hi @Daniyal56, welcome to the community !

Unfortunately this is not possible and can be tracked in the following issue :confused: can you bump the issue by writing a comment with your use case ?


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