How do I deploy Streamlit Static Frontend to AWS S3

Is it possible to separate a Streamlit App deployment to static (Frontend) and dynamic (Backend) components and deploy them separately?

I want to build and deploy all my static assets and index.html to AWS S3. (which communicate with the backend via WebSockets or APIs. This way I can cache them using CloudFront or assign a custom domain or do other configurations with ease.
The backend (WebSockets, data, and logic part) will be handled by a separate server.

Is such a thing feasible?

Hi @eldos-dl, welcome to the Streamlit community!

No, it is not possible to split Streamlit apps in the manner you are discussing. We’re aiming to provide the easiest-to-use, quickest-to-get-started-with experience. Providing this level of flexibility would be beyond the reach of what we’re trying to accomplish.