Integrate a javascript node js landing page with streamlit application

I am DS with 6+ yoe but I am new to streamlit and am planning to build a SaaS MVP with it. One obvious thing that strikes my mind when it comes to streamlit +SaaS is the landing page. I am planning to have a HTML + CSS + JS based landing page with a button “Get Started Now”, that launches the streamlit dashboard. I can easily do it locally as in the href I have to provide the localhost url where streamlit is hosted.
I don’t have a lot of experience with deployments but I have a feeling it won’t be as straight forward as it is locally. Just wanted to see if someone has experience with this kind of a use case and is it even possible and if yes how tricky is the deployment going to be?

I’d encourage you to check out Community Cloud as a place to host your app as the simplest option Streamlit Community Cloud - Streamlit Docs

If that doesn’t work well with the SaaS model, then here is a good resource about deploying streamlit apps to various platforms Deploy Streamlit apps - Streamlit Docs

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Appreciate the reply but I am talking more along the lines:
the landing page is definitely not streamit but as soon as you click on “view data catalog”
it opens the streamlit app . I want to understand how to do this from a deployment perspective

I would again suggest checking out the deployment docs here

There is probably a virtually unlimited set of ways to accomplish this, but one way is:

  1. Host the home page however you would normally host a static page, at
  2. Set up a server using one of the deployment guides from the link above to host your app. Assign a static IP address to that server.
  3. Set up a subdomain in your dns so that points to that static IP address (this may be what cybersyn is doing, as you’ll notice that their app is at
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Thank you @blackary

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