How to access the logs of my deployed app

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is there a way to access the logs of an app?

I have an app that I deployed on the Streamlit Community Cloud, so other people can use it. Those other people usually don’t know anything about programming and don’t have Streamlit accounts. When there is a problem with the app, they tell me about it and I try to fix it. For this it would be really helpful for me to see the logs of their session with the app. Is there any way for me (as the creator of the app) to access them?

Also, I’m using a log file for my logs on the local machine. I’m guessing when the app is deployed, those files get deleted as soon as the session ends. Is there a way to save those?

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Hi @lasinludwig :wave:

Yes, you can access the logs your Community Cloud app as the developer:

Once you have deployed an app you will have a developer view for that app.
When viewing the app as a developer, click on the bottom right where it says “Manage app” to view your Cloud logs and other settings.

Once you’ve clicked on “Manage app”, you will be able to view your app’s logs. This is your primary place to troubleshoot any issues with your app.

You can also click on the “︙” overflow menu at the bottom of the Cloud logs to view other options for your app including the ability to download logs

Hope this help! :balloon:

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