My App logs are invisible

Hi! My app logs are invisible while i am logged in on . This logs were visible three days ago and i signed in again today after three days, app is working fine.How to see logs of my app?
My app footer: (there is no button of “manage app”)

Hi @Yuvi

This happens when the signed in account does not have access to the GitHub repo from which the app is residing on. This is similar to being a visitor of an app instead of the app creator with write access.

Can you check to see in the account settings to ensure that your GitHub account is tied to the Streamlit Community Cloud account.

Hope this helps!

My github account is connected with streamlit cloud account and the repository is from the same account

Update: Now logs are visible , maybe Session timeout issue for streamlit cloud persists longer after login .
Ps :my github account was already connected as i mentioned above.


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