How to add new option/ delete option from ellipsis/action menu

I was trying to create charts using Streamlit. I am reading the data from Snowflake to create a charts. I want to add an option to see the Data set in the ellipsis menu. How i can add new option for ellipsis menu to see the data set.

You can try something like this:

import streamlit as st 

    page_title="You title",
        'Help': '',
        'Bug': "",
        'About': "# This is a header. This is an *extremely* cool app!",
        'Data': ...

Thanks for the response.
But I don’t want to add the option for a hamburger menu. I need to add and remove options from the ellipsis menu(Each chart having three dots(…) is called the ellipsis menu in Streamlit)

You mean this menu?

Yes, Correct.

Those are not added by Streamlit, but by Altair. Unfortunately, there is limited customization available, basically you can

  1. Not show one or more of the options
  2. Not show the ellipsis at all

You can read more here GitHub - vega/vega-embed: Publish Vega visualizations as embedded web components with interactive parameters. – see the entry for “Actions”

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