How to apply row spannin in my dataframe?

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I try making simply dataframe display app.

I made dataset and basic output.
but my team want some change form, they want row spanning in some columns.

some guy told me, “set index making automatically row spanning in dataframe”.
I try it, but I can’t apply it. becuase when I use multiindex, it seperate between header columns.

who teach me a make row spanning in dataframe or how to set index name position same as header columns.

thank you!

set index - datamframe

convert html

** I want this!!

Hi @Desert_Candle

I think what you want is to use reset_index() on your dataframe, which will convert an index column as a column.

You can do the following:


And if you want to have this replace the current dataframe then use:


Hope this helps!