How to change the order in x-axis

I want to have some pics through the command st.line_chart, but i had the x-axis in the order of HV10,HV120,HV15,HV20,HV30,HV5.
And l guess it’s in the order of the third letter which i can see 10, 120, 150.
How can l change the order into the correct column order like the pics i attached below?

Thanks a lot.
Yours, George


what tool do you use for plotting, you can use matplotlib, altair and other packages to plot this plot with little code and many possibilities

i use set_index to make HV as the index column and st.line_chart to plot.
I want the x-axis in the order like HV5,HV10,HV15,but not in the order HV10, HV120(it’s in the order of the every number),so how can i do it?

It’s more quick to ask this question on google, this is not a problem of streamlit, different package use different method.