How to conceal the model in GitHub for a Streamlit app

Dear Streamlit team,

I am going to deploy a Streamlit app on the Community Cloud with a GitHub repository. However, I don’t have copyrights to publish the model. I would like to ask you if I could deploy a public Streamlit Community Cloud app and hide the model file from public access. I would be extremely grateful if you can provide your assistance on this matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Akhmetzhan

You can deploy from a private GitHub repo. By default, an app deployed from a private repo will be private, but you can change that setting as soon as you deploy it. Sharing your app

Thank you very much, @mathcatsand ! I really appreciate it. But, is it possible to deploy the public app with the model file removed? Thanks in advance.

If your app depends on the model then that would defeat the purpose by deleting the file. It’s more of a GitHub issue than Streamlit. If you deploy in a private repo, you can add viewers by their email address if you’re releasing it to a group of users.

Thank you very much! Is it possible to deploy an appp to the public repo on GitHub and conceal the model file using Secrets Management? If yes, could you provide how it should be done? Thank you very much in advance!
Kind regards, Akhmetzhan

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Hey @Akhmetzhan,

Secrets management would allow you to store a key or other string that you’re looking to avoid committing to your GitHub repo – unfortunately, this wouldn’t work with a model.