How to connect DynamoDB and Streamlit Application

Dear Community,

I am developing an application which should handle morethan 100 million rows, currently i am using AWS S3 for storing my csv file having 1 million row. so i have converted by csv file to dynamoDB table.

I am not able to see any help topics on this front. Kindly help as i am nearing to production environment.

Thanks in Advance

There seems to be a lot of info out there on working with python and DynamoDB. What are you missing?


I am using streamlit for this application. i dont see any help topics like how to connect with AWS dynamodb similar kind of AWS S3

Streamlit is unrelated to that. You connect to AWS DynamoDB the same way you would in any python script.

ok, do you have any reference documents or website which helps me. i am beginner to python and streamlit. whether we do to write api things like nodejs

I have never used DynamoDB but apparently there is no shortage of options.

Dear Community,

How to connect to dynamodb and persist the dynamic data received in front end and do some computation.

Kindly help me with some solution