How to create a semi-circle shaped slider, using csv file as input?

Hello guys,

I am trying to create a slider using streamlit. I want to take a csv file as input. The file has 3 columns- A, B and C. I want the slider to take the value of column A as the minimum value (the left hand side end value of the slider), the value from Column B as the mid-point value of the slider and the value from column C as the maximum value , that is the right hand corner end value of the slider. For example lets say column A has 0, column B is 50 and column C is 100. I have figured out to take the csv file as input using pandas. But how do I make the slider take these values as input from the csv file ?

I am also trying to plot create the slider as semi-circular shape (like a progress bar)
Any help on how to go about with it, regarding the code?

PS- I am totally new to this, so not very well adept at it yet.

Hi @sneha,

Thanks for sharing your question! To create a custom slider, you’d probably want to create a custom component. Check out the docs here:

For your other question, please share a code snippet so we can see how you’ve tried to implement this so far and make suggestions.