How to create Dynamic forms with variable number of elements?


Iโ€™m trying to create a form that contains a variable number of input_text fields.

The number of elements depends on the clicks on the + and - buttons, which generate an additional input_text field or remove the input_text field that was clicked on.

Ideally it should work like this one Bootstrap Snippet Dynamic Form Fields - Add & Remove BS3 using HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery

I thought to create a st.form and set up + and - buttons as form_submit_button with an onclick function that changes a variable called N that should ideally set the total amount of elements to be displayed on the front-end.

So far this approach has been pretty unsuccessfullโ€ฆ

Did somebody has any idea that could help to handle this scenario?


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Does this example provide some insight?

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Hi @mathcatsand, it could definitely fit the purpose.
Iโ€™ll make some tests and keep this topic updated.
Thanks again

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