How to Create this type of beautiful page sidebars

I was looking at this beautiful streamlit component. I wanted to make something similar like

While I am using myself the normal page method i.e. just putting the py files inside the Page folder with numbers in front of them.

How to make it categorized like this? Any component?

My app link →

Or any guideline or suggestion?

Hi @unofficed,

Thanks for posting!

From the app’s code, they’re using st.expander() to add the selectbox options that you can implement on yours as well.

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Two questions -

  • It is using streamlit gallery component?

  • So… umm… right now I am not adding the page names manually. If I use this I have to write the page names manually if I add or change new page right?

Can you share a link to your repo so I can take a look at your code?

Actually exactly I followed your path only.

In case you still want, I will upload it on github for you.

You shared a link to your app in the original post. Do you have a link to your code? If you can’t share it, please share a snippet of it so I can better help you troubleshoot the issue.

I can share everything. Just give me a couple mins as I am experimenting with the stuff you gave me. I will update here. :slight_smile:

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