FrameWork for multipaging!

Hi, everybody! I developed a framework for creating multi-page apps with streamlit!
If you find any bug/possible improvement, please, contact me and send your feedback!

Project and how to use it:


Added new features! Now the framework brings the option of keeping a navigation bar, and the way variables are saved improved a lot!


This component is great! Thanks very much for sharing.

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Looks awesome @YanAlmeida , and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Would you be able to add an animated gif or images of how the navigation looks like at first glance?

Have a nice day!

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Sure, Fanilo! A gif running the example file

PS: It’s not necessary to use buttons to save the variables. I only did it in the example to show some of the possibilities!

Thank you!

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New feature added:

Now it’s possible to add a “starting page”!