How to Create Wizard Style App (Step 1, Step 2, Etc)

I’m struggling with way to create a fixed number of steps a user can take to use the App. I’ve landed on using st.empty() and works up to first two steps, then resets back to beginning after trying to move to first step. Looking for suggestions! Thank you

def write():
    shown_page = 'intro'
    if shown_page == "intro":
        contIntro = st.empty()
        expIntro = contIntro.expander('What App Wizard Can Do', True)
        job_name = expIntro.text("Give this Job a Name")
        col1, col2 = expIntro.columns([9,1])
        exp1_button = col2.button('To Step 1') 

        if exp1_button:
            shown_page = 'Step 1'

    if shown_page == 'Step 1':
        header_text = 'Step 1'
        cont1 = st.empty()
        exp1 = cont1.expander('Step 1 of 2', True)
        exp1.file_uploader('Upload Data', type=None, accept_multiple_files=False)
        col1, col2 = exp1.columns([9,1])
        exp1_back_button = col1.button('Back to Intro')
        exp1_next_button = col2.button('To Step 2') 

        if exp1_back_button:
            shown_page = 'Intro'

        if exp1_next_button:
            shown_page = 'Step 2'
    if shown_page == 'Step 2':
        header_text = 'Step 2'
        cont2 = st.empty()
        exp2 = cont2.expander("Step 2 of 2", True)
        job_name = exp2.text_input("Some more info")
        col1, col2 = exp2.columns([9,1])
        exp2_back_button = col1.button("Back to Step 1")
        exp2_forward_button = col2.button('To Another Setp in Future') 

        if exp2_back_button:

        if exp2_back_button:
            shown_page = 'Step 2'

        if exp2_forward_button:

Then moves to Step 1 when hit ‘To Step 1’

Then I hit ‘To Step 2’ and it brings me back to Intro, when I’d expect to move to Step 2

Hi @saxon11 , take a look at stepperbar at this link.