How to deploy files in .streamlit including secrets.toml to azure webapp instance?

How to deploy streamlit secrets to azure web app?

I am pushed my code to GitHub and successfully created a Azure web app service. My entire code gets pushed to the Azure cloud except for the contents in the .streamlit folder.

Can someone suggest best way to deploy the secrets to Azure webapp?


Hi @Ninad_Jagtap

Here’s a tutorial from Microsoft that shows how to do this using their secrets management

Yes, but there is also a file called config.toml that stores theme information. All the files within the .streamlit folder are ignore.

Is there a simple way you can suggest just to push that folder as is to Azure Web App without using Vaults etc?

Funny part during github build action β†’ it ignores the .streamlit folder and there is nothing in gitignore.

I have been struggling for this for 2 days now - the only last peace of deployment puzzle and stuck at secrets.

Hi Ninad,
Were you able resolve this issue ? I am also facing the same problem.
While deployment from github, the .streamlit/secrets.toml file is getting ignored and is not sent to the Azure.
Please let me now if you were any to find a solution. It would be really helpful.


Navigate to your repo on Github.
Go to the folder .github/workflows
Open the .yml file
I found that line 35: β€œrun: zip ./* -r” should be changed to β€œrun: zip ./* .streamlit -r”. This includes the .streamlit folder (including the config.toml file)


Fantastic!! Worked for me!