How to deploy streamlit with gitlab?

Is it possible to deploy the streamlit app using gitlab instead of github? I have some data files which exceed 100MB, which is the limit per file set by github, so I can only use gitlab for my project. Can I deploy it somehow?

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No, currently not. I don’t know if there are plans to use also gitlab in the future.

  • which data file format?
  • try to use a more compressed file format, for example use feather or parquet files instead of csv files to get below the 100MB margin.
  • with GitHub you can use Git-LFS for files > 100MB up to 1GB

Be aware if you use Git-LFS that you only have 1GB bandwidth - which is not much - with free github accounts:

You are correct, it’s not currently possible to deploy via Gitlab, though we are evaluating how to allow deployment from other common platforms.

In addition to @Franky1 's comments, there’s nothing preventing you from hosting your files somewhere else than GitHub/GitLab and downloading them (such as on Amazon S3), other than perhaps a slower user experience than you might otherwise have if you include them in the core repo itself.