How to display animated loading while process run in background (preload page)

Hello, everyone.
First, i wanna thank you streamlit team for the amazing work they have been done so far.
So, I’m building an app that uses Pylinac Library for automating radiotherapy QA.
I was trying to implement a loading gif while the analysis code run in background, but I’m facing a hard time in this task. Being clear, I basically want a pre-load page, that shows only the loading gif while the analysis is done in background and, when is completed, shows only the app page with the analysis without the gif.
I know st.spinner exist, but I can’t set to show only the loading, just how it is below:

Thank you in advance, community!

Almost 30 different loaders to choose from in any combination you like.

The example project also shows you how to create a full page loader that will run whenever your app is running/loading in the background, works with all the loaders in the components package or you can create your own.

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Thank you for your help, Jackson! :slight_smile:
I’ll take a look. Sorry for my late response.