How to enable different sessions for different users when hosting from a local system?

Core Issue:

I am facing an issue while deploying the streamlit application from a local system via NGNIX + NGROK. Whenever multiple users/client access the application via the URL, only one session is created and all users are shown the output of the operation performed on the input given by the first user (who attempted with the rest at the same time but was ahead by a few mili seconds).


  • Create new sessions every time the application is accessed on a new tab/new browser by a different user
  • Prevent cross talking between sessions.

NOTE: I am aware that making a docker container and then using Kubernetes to load multiple containers would assist in it. However, it does not solve the core issue of cross-talking

Can you share your code? And specifically what you are seeing as shared between sessions? Just opening two tabs in the same browser should create two sessions, let alone two tabs coming from distinct clients.