How to get a selectbox within a selectbox (or multiselect within a mutliselect)?

Hello community. I want to create a selectbox within a selectbox (or mutiselect within a mutiselect).

As example, if a user select an option from a multiselect, it will give him another list to select. I was able to do it but it opens a different box. Is there any way to have it into one box?

I give a sample code

df_hrc = pd.read_csv(‘New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.csv’)
level_1 = st.sidebar.selectbox(“Choose category”, df_hrc[‘Level 1’].unique())
if level_1[0] == ‘some_keyword’:
st.sidebar.selectbox(level_1, df_hrc[‘Level 2’].unique())

This actually gives me another selectbox which I do not want. Rather I like to see it within the same selectbox. Is this possible to do it streamlit?