How to have timed info display or popup

(Lovely tool btw)
I am trying to have a timed pop-up to display some information, let’s say success if user logs in with correct password, else error. I couldn’t find anything of this type in the docs… am I missing something… is there a way to have this feature… any work arounds ?? Or Spinner is the only way with custom CSS? Or perhaps using placeholder ??

And one other small query… how to set minimum chars length in text input/password??

you can use this example to build a web program to check the login is valid or invalid
before start, you have to build a database and table to save the username and password.
in the example, username is abcde, password is 123456, database name is python, table name is pwd.

import streamlit as st
import pymysql
import pandas as pd

username=st.text_input(“Please input username:”)
pwd=st.text_input(“Please input password”,type=‘password’)

db = pymysql.connect(host=“localhost”, user=“root”, password=“abcde”, database=“python”, charset=“utf8”)
sql=“select * from pwd”
cursor = db.cursor()


if username=="":“Please input your username.”)
elif pwd=="":“Please input your password.”)
if username in df.values and pwd in df.values:
st.success(“Welcome back.”)
st.warning(“Sorry, you can not log in.”)

test screenshot:

sucess login:

wrong login: