User Auth in Local Storage

I recently came across this authentication process, I want to know, how can we avoid Logout when the user reloads the page?

Code snippet:

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd

# Security
import hashlib
def make_hashes(password):
	return hashlib.sha256(str.encode(password)).hexdigest()

def check_hashes(password,hashed_text):
	if make_hashes(password) == hashed_text:
		return hashed_text
	return False
# DB Management
import sqlite3 
conn = sqlite3.connect('data.db')
c = conn.cursor()
# DB  Functions
def create_usertable():
	c.execute('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS userstable(username TEXT,password TEXT)')

def add_userdata(username,password):
	c.execute('INSERT INTO userstable(username,password) VALUES (?,?)',(username,password))

def login_user(username,password):
	c.execute('SELECT * FROM userstable WHERE username =? AND password = ?',(username,password))
	data = c.fetchall()
	return data

def view_all_users():
	c.execute('SELECT * FROM userstable')
	data = c.fetchall()
	return data

def main():
	"""Simple Login App"""

	st.title("Simple Login App")

	menu = ["Home","Login","SignUp"]
	choice = st.sidebar.selectbox("Menu",menu)

	if choice == "Home":

	elif choice == "Login":
		st.subheader("Login Section")

		username = st.sidebar.text_input("User Name")
		password = st.sidebar.text_input("Password",type='password')
		if st.sidebar.checkbox("Login"):
			# if password == '12345':
			hashed_pswd = make_hashes(password)

			result = login_user(username,check_hashes(password,hashed_pswd))
			if result:

				st.success("Logged In as {}".format(username))

				task = st.selectbox("Task",["Add Post","Analytics","Profiles"])
				if task == "Add Post":
					st.subheader("Add Your Post")

				elif task == "Analytics":
				elif task == "Profiles":
					st.subheader("User Profiles")
					user_result = view_all_users()
					clean_db = pd.DataFrame(user_result,columns=["Username","Password"])
				st.warning("Incorrect Username/Password")

	elif choice == "SignUp":
		st.subheader("Create New Account")
		new_user = st.text_input("Username")
		new_password = st.text_input("Password",type='password')

		if st.button("Signup"):
			st.success("You have successfully created a valid Account")"Go to Login Menu to login")

if __name__ == '__main__':

Hi @Aryan_Gupta

Have you tried using cache and session state:

Yes, I tried that.
Could you help me with some code snippets or a straightforward implementation?
I went through that and researched a lot, but could not find how to solve that.