How to host without github

I have an app that I would like to deploy but it needs to be able to read 12GB worth of files, and so I canโ€™t upload it to github.

How can I deploy it so that anyone with internet access can use it?

You can explore hosting options in the docs.

Depending on exactly what your scenario is, you might be able to host your large data/media files elsewhere, but still use GitHub for the body of your code. To host large files like media or models, you might use and S3 bucket (Amazon), or some other cloud storage solution from Azure or GCP. Your app would then point to this cloud storage to access your large files instead of having a local or relative path to them.

As for your actual app, you might look at a container service so you can increase the disk space and or memory as needed. The docs linked above have some options. The tutorials will generally assume your code is on GitHub, though, which is why you might consider manually hosting the large files elsewhere, but still using GitHub for your code.

If you provide some further context, it may help get a more specific suggestion from the community. :slight_smile:

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