How to link streamlit to a domain name

Hi, I have been looking around and I don’t seem to find an answer to my question. Apologies if it was posted elsewhere.
I have deployed an app on the streamlit cloud ( and I would like to link it to my domain name on hostinger (
When I looked up on the Internet, it seemed I had to change the DNS configurations, in particular the ‘A record’ with the ip of my domain ( and the ‘CNAME’ record to
It did not work, so I tried changing back the CNAME record to, but leaving the new ‘A record’ entry that I made. I’m aware that it takes time for records to be updated (it’s been over 24 hours). It’s still not working. Does anyone know how to do that (and is it even possible?). Sorry if the question is silly, I’m totally new to programming. Thanks for your help.

Officially: Kind of, sort of, maybe.

You can’t natively assign a different top-level domain to a Streamlit Cloud app, but yes, you can do some trickery with a frame or redirects. Results may vary depending on your registrar and the specifics around the security certificate is the stickiest point. I think the frame route is the most reliable.

You will need to know about embedding apps, as you can get into a “too many redirects” situation without including the embedding argument in your url.

Here’s an option with a frame:

I believe I tried multitude of combinations with my own DNS as I mentioned in the linked and didn’t have any luck, but I can’t find my write-up explaining the full experiment at the moment…

Thanks for the answer ! I managed to embed my app into an html page. I used github to display the page and linked the github page to my domain name. Since I used cloudflare, I changed the settings on cloudflare (and not on hostinger). Thanks a lot, I have been trying to do that for a week !

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