How to make Hexagon Layer height value based

Is it possible to make the Hexagon Layer in streamlit.deck_gl_chart() have a height value that’s based on value (e.g. home price or household income)?

I’ve seen in the docs that getElevationValue is supposed to work but it doesn’t seem to work in streamlit:

        'latitude': middle_lat,
        'longitude': middle_lon,
        'zoom': 11,
        'pitch': 50,
        'type': 'HexagonLayer',
        'data': data,
        'getLongitude': 'lon',
        'getLatitude': 'lat',
        'getElevationValue': 'price',
        'radius': 150,
        'elevationScale': 4000000,
        'elevationRange': [25, 10000],
        'pickable': True,
        'extruded': True,

Hey @Kyle_Long, welcome to the forums! :tada:

I’m not sure if I get it correctly but I created a bug here for you , in which I specified that there is no working way to update the graph height

Many thanks, @arraydude!

@Kyle_Long does this work as you expect with Streamlit version 0.57.2?

Hey Jonathan, yeah this looks great now. Thanks!

how do you set the height for elements within the HexagonLayer?