How to push data to github from Streamlit Sharing

Hello Team - We are creating a prototype for “Data Science Hackathons” using streamlit. The idea is very similar to Kaggle -

  • Load the problem statement and data
  • Give background details
  • Upload Test datasets and save it
  • Leaderboard and save it

Have built a simple version using streamlit. But am having an issue after deploying - I am not being able to ‘update’ the leaderboard results or the ‘test’ file that the user uploads back to github. Seems like the data stays ‘local’ in streamlit sharing and is not pushed back to github.

Is there a way i can push back data to github using streamlit sharing?

Here is the app details:

login - No restrictions
password = pwd123

You want to push the data that participants upload back to the same Github repo that the Streamlit app runs on? There is nothing off the shelf, but this might be possible with the newly introduced secrets feature.

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Yeah. I was hoping for the same. Basically trying to mimic Github as a “data repository”.

What are the secret features? Can you please share a link?