How to remove 'Hosted with Streamlit'-red button on bottom right, while sharing app?

For the matter, I’ve already hidden the header and footer elements, using custom CSS code. No problem with that, absolutely. However, whenever the app is shared and someone opens it ‘Hosted with Streamlit’ still appears in the bottom right, as seen in the image below. Is there any way I can hide that?


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Hey @ayanatherate, have you checked out this thread?

Hey @Caroline, hope you are doing well.

This method works for made with Streamlit , but not for the “Hosted with Streamlit”

in the right bottom corner. Like it is being discussed also here

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As many have pointed out “Hosted with Streamlit” is placed at the most inconvenient place possible.
Specially for mobile users this leads to bad user experiences.

This should moved to other place or may be to left.

Streamlit is 1 of the best for building chat apps quickly, lets make it even better.

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