Removing fullscreen button in bottom-right of iframe

Hi Streamlit community,

Was wondering if there’s a way to remove the ‘fullscreen’ button which appears in the bottom-right whenever an app is embedded via iframe (it does not appear on the source URL)?

The previous approaches to hide it (e.g., Embeded Streamlit App Footer?) don’t seem to work anymore following a recent update.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Have you tried clicking on the Share button found at the top-right menu then going to the Embed tab to get the embed link. More info here: Embed your app - Streamlit Docs

Also see whether iframing or oembed is the preferred option for your use case.

Hope this helps!

Hey @dataprofessor, yes, I’ve tried that; ‘show footer’ was disabled but the ‘Fullscreen’ button still appears. This seems to be due to a recent update as this was not an issue a few months ago.