Remove "Hosted with Streamlit" in Lower Right

Hi, all - new to Streamlit and I LOVE it so far!

I have seen plenty of posts about using tags to remove the “Made with Streamlit” footer from the bottom left of a hosted Streamlit page. Is it similarly possible to remove the “Hosted with Streamlit” when we’re using Streamlit’s “share” hosting? I’d be happy to pay a subscription for this, since the deployment process is SO much more convenient than hosting on a separate server…

I tried isolating the class of the icon and adding visibility: hidden to the styling, but that didn’t work.

Thanks in advance!


Hello, is there anyway on how to do it?

it would be great if it should be possible.

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+1 on this question. Especially on mobile devices, the big red button is super easy to confuse with “Send” or “Submit” because I am building chatbot apps.

I have got several feedbacks that users have accidentally clicked that when they wanted to send, and it has taken them outside the app.

The “CatGDP” Guy


#----------------------Hide Streamlit footer----------------------------
hide_st_style = “”"

#MainMenu {visibility: hidden;}
footer {visibility: hidden;}
header {visibility: hidden;}

st.markdown(hide_st_style, unsafe_allow_html=True)

This addresses the issue OP mentioned but it wasn’t what they were asking…

It’s this red crown logo on lower right that is still visible after the CSS, and in some mobile UIs it will be in the most inconvenient location that people inadvertently hit it with their fingers:


Was this issue ever resolved? Really want to remove the “Hosted with Streamlit” icon on the bottom right.

Nope, I am afraid they are going to have to keep at least some kind of branding visible. But the new st.chat_input element seems to fix some of the confusion as it comes with its own send button.