How to remove the animated loader from hydralit?

I’m using streamlit to build a web app and with Hydralit I was able to use the multipage function. However, the function came with an animated loader that I would like to remove. What command can I use to remove it? Photo and code below.

app = hy.HydraApp()

@app.addapp(title='Introdução', icon="📜")
def my_home():
    st.title("órbitas tipo-tempo para corpos massivos")

@app.addapp(title='Corpos massivos', icon="🪨")
def app2():
    st.title("Simulador para cálculo das órbitas relativísticas de corpos com massa")

enter image description here

I’m still having a problem with this issue. Does anyone know how to remove this animated loader? Thanks for any help