How to run colab notebook via Streamlit

I have my own model zoo about machine-learning of Image Processing.

Specifically, what do I need to do to be able to run Real-ESRGAN’s Colab notebook in the Streamlit user interface?
For example, do I need any other server as long as the colab instance is active?

I can create models by colab notebook, but I can’t write programs in python.
I think it would be easier for ordinary people like me to get into the fun of machine learning if I could create a web app where I could upload a media file and it would automatically download the media generated by real-ESRGAN.

First, I’d like to run real-ESRGAN’s pre-trained model as a web app that can only be used while my Colab instance is active.
I would like to learn Streamlit and python by looking at the code, so can you help me out?