How to save user specific data?

I am working an app that takes user inputs and displays charts/visuals on basis of that. However, I dont want the user to input these details again when they open the app lets say 2 days later. I want that user specific information to be stored somewhere so that when he/she logs in again, they have their most recent inputs displayed in the form so that they dont have to input these again. Is there way to do so through streamlit? Many users would be accessing the app and their historic inputs would need be stored in their user specific memory.

Thanks for the help!

This could easily by achieved by three steps:

  1. Start by making a streamlit login for the users:
    How to Add a User Authentication Service (Login Form) in Streamlit + Database - YouTube

  2. Save users data in a sqlite3 database (or a reference to where the data is stored)

  3. When users login, simple load their data

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