How to set a different port number for different streamlit program in a same machine?

I build and in a same desktop.
If I want to run and together, how can I use different port to run and in a same explorer at the same time?
Thank you.

There is a param called server.port. So you can do something like:

streamlit run --server.port 8080
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This is correct if you want to specify the exact port, or Streamlit will just increment the port number to 8502, 8503, etc. if 8501 is in-use.

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Hi, when I use --server.port 8080 to run second .py program, cmd window told me the former port 8051 is already in use, then the cmd window closed automatically, I did not see the setting was working.
How will it happen? And the file under root: C:\Users\Username.streamlit have to build config.toml file, if we need to build it, the content should be someting like what?