How to setup Cpanel Cron Jobs as to work live streaming to ChatGPT BOT?

I have a ChatBOT AI that needs to connect via API to the database from a txt file.

From my laptop, through CMD I start one of the two commands, and it works perfectly both in localhost and in https on the website.

But because I don’t want to keep my laptop open all the time, I want these commands below to be automatically taken over by the Cpanel server so that I don’t have to keep my laptop open all the time.

streamlit run --server.port 5601
streamlit run --server.port 8502

I set a CRON Job to keep the server for ChatBOT Python open all the time. But it is not working. I am not really good at this

cd /home/neculaif/public_html/en/ && streamlit run

The .py files for ChatBOT are in the /en/ folder in public html.

I tried CRON JOB, but I don’t know exactly if I did it right. I have never worked with this option before. Please help me

To run Application: Open CMD in the folder with

First, close firewall and antivirus !

These 2 commands works only in localhost, but doesn’t work on web html pages

streamlit run

streamlit run --server.port 8502

This cmd command works also in localhost and in web pages, also in Cpanel

streamlit run --server.port 5601