How to upgrade pip in streamlit

I have a streamlit application which makes uses of many libraries, and the most important one is tensorflow, without which the app does not work, and when I specified it inside requirements.txt file, and when streamlit tries to download , it gives me an error saying no appropriate version of tensorflow could be found and shows a warning to upgrade the pip, I faced the same issue during the development process but I somehow managed to fix it by upgrading the pip to the latest version and downgrading the version of my python, currently I run the latest version of pip, but still it shows to upgrade pip, how do I make streamlit to use the latest version of pip.

I am new to python and machine learning so please explain in detailed manner. Any response is welcomed and thanks in advance.

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as far as I know, you can ignore this warning and it will not be the reason for the problems with tensorflow.

I can only guess, but would guess that the tensorflow version you specified is not available for this python version.

It would be very helpful if you post a link to your public github repository right away so people can take a look. And please be specific, are you talking about your local installation or deployment to streamlit cloud?
Which version of python do you run?
Which version of tensorflow do you need?

AFAIK the streamlit cloud runtimes use pip 23.0 and the Tensorflow 2 installation requires at least pip > 19.0