How to use a repo git where i'm not the creator

Hi, I haven’t find an answer online so i’m asking here.

I’m working on a project with friends and we have a repo git, i’ve created a web app with streamlit and i would like to deploy it, but my friend is the creator of the repo so the repo isn’t present in my workspace on streamlit and his workspace isn’t present in the list of workspaces. I have also tried to put a direct link but it don’t work.
Do you know how to deploy this app?

Thanks for reading

Hey @JMurigneux ,

To deploy the app on your streamlit cloud, you’d need to login to streamlit cloud via the github account which owns the code.

In case accessing the same Github account is not possible, you might want to either -

  • Fork the main repository with your own Github account and proceed with deployment on Streamlit Cloud. Here’s a doc you might find helpful for forking a repository Fork a repo - GitHub Docs
  • Upload the codes on a new repository which you own and proceed with the deployment.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: :balloon:


Hey @ineelhere

Thanks for the answer now I know that I can’t do it the way I thought it would.
The weird thing is that there is another repo where i’m only a contributor but I can see it in my workspace and deploy from it so I’m not sure to have fully understood how this work.