How to use $ in text?


I have text with a $ sign that
is across several lines
so it looks like this.

st.write uses $ as formatting and I can’t figure out how to get the $ to show

st.text includes tabs in the st page because of the \

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

st.write("sdfgsdf dsfsdf $ sdfsdfsfds $ \
sdfsddfsdfsd \

st.text("sdfgsdf dsfsdf $ sdfsdfsfds $ \
sdfsddfsdfsd \

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Expected behavior:

I would like text that has no tabs in it and can show a $ without using it as formatting.

Actual behavior:

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Prepend a backslash to the “$” character.

st.write("sdfgsdf dsfsdf \$ sdfsdfsfds \$ \
sdfsddfsdfsd \
st.write("sdfgsdf dsfsdf \t sdfsdfsfds \t sdfsddfsdfsd ")

How to insert tab spacing \t does not seem to work.
Any suggestions please…

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