St.write treats $ symbol as start of latex expression and that spoils the rest of text formatting


I have a long text (see below), this text contain $ symbol

text = “”"
Chili offers to help Tommy’s widow, Edie Athens, manage the failing business, which owes $300,000 to hip-hop producer Sin LaSalle.
More text…

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:


Expected behavior:

I actually want this text to be shown as is i.e. with $ symbol.

Actual behaviour:

st.write treat this text as ‘markdown’ and $ is considered as the start of latex expression, due to this text after $ symbol just shows up weird.

I can use st.text but then my long text will be shown in a box with horizontal scrollbar, I don’t want that. I want text to be shown as is (with $ symbol) and auto-wrap so that it expand vertically.

any idea how to achieve this?

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How about removing the Dollar sign using regex and then passing it to st.text

Check this related thread to escape the dollar signs so they are just rendered as such:

$ is part of the text itself and actually representing the money, can’t remove it.

yup worked, perfect. Thanks edsaac!

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