How to use WalletConnect with streamlit?

Hey anyone know how to get WalletConnect working with streamlit? I’m trying to let users connect their wallets to the site so I can see info about their balances. Currently I’m using streamlit-wallet-connect package. It works but it’s only for metamask. streamlit-wallet-connect · PyPI

There’s pyWalletConnect (GitHub - bitlogik/pyWalletConnect: WalletConnect implementation for Python wallets) but the docs for getting started are pretty hard to read and not sure if it will work with streamlit also. Any clues appreciated.

Hi, I’m wanting to use as well, but there’s no documentation on how to use it once connected. Does it simply fetch the wallet address or are there ways in which it will allow you to interact with Metamask via your Streamlit app?

It makes a button to connect metamask once you call the main function. Just look at the source code of the file to get the idea.

Hi @LunarClub! Thanks for the question. I am working on the streamlit-wallet-connect package, currently it doesn’t support WalletConnect but it’s on the roadmap. This week I’m planning to add more functionality for payments & in the following weeks will add support for different wallets. Will also add the documentation later this week.

If you have any other suggestions, they’re much appreciated! Also would love to know what your use case is so that I can modify the package to better suit the people using it. Same for you @Owen-FinTech

@smejak Awesome thanks that will be amazing.

Suggestion: the button doesn’t match the streamlit’s interface.

My use case is I need to monetize it so I’m trying to implement the detection of a token that you can purchase. So if user has x tokens he will be premium user.

Please let me know if I can help on something.

I went down a similar rabbit hole late last year with no success. Ended up learning hardhat and react as a work around. I would love to revisit this, please keep us posted :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions @LunarClub, I will look into it! I updated the package yesterday adding the option to send ERC20 transactions.

Also, @cacosta88, @Owen-FinTech, or anyone else interested, the current package documentation (there’s not much of it yet) is available here. Also if you have any suggestions/issues feel free to create an issue in the repo or submit a PR.

Thanks appreciate your work once again

Any progress on this?