How we(D-Aggregate) use Streamlit to Build Retail & Consumer Intelligence SAAs Application

D-Aggregate Technologies - We help organization draw actionable insight from on-ground market data and build data-centric AI solution that inproves decision making and productivity.

As the Founder of the company, I have more than 10years experience in data analytics, solution development and project management. We started D-aggregate as a business intelligence department in 2017 with capacity to help multinationals harvest market data especially in the retail and B2B2C marketing. We curated D0aggregated in January 2022, the main vision here is to build as many insights and ML as possible for African market.

We just launched a free trial of our web application for social media monitoring for brands, retail local market data for multinationals that produce and sell products.

We deployed streamlit library to build our insights dashbaords and web app for end users.

You can get access to the free tier here - D-Aggregate Brand Insight

You can as well visit our website to sign up for your brand exclusive inight and other services we offer @

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