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Dear Streamliters,

Trust we are all good.

I am delighted to tell you we just launched our streamlit Wep APP that monitors market share, product merchandising, price sensitivity in 10,000 stores in Nigeria. Our plan at retailscope is to democratize brand visibility monitoring tool in the FMCGs(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) space. In 2021, we started by drafting our research methodology to aggregate data from 10,000 retail stores in Nigeria, transform the data and use python & streamlit to build a web interface and analytics.

The first problem we encountered was to identify the best chart that render faster with streamlit, initially we tried chart libraries like seaborn, matplotlib, bokeh before I finally deploy PLOTLY.

Our objective as a business is to analyze weighted distribution, out of stock situation, price, supply channel, fast moving SKUs of different product categories in FMCGs and Pharmaceuticals. We currently track 12 product categories in FMCGs(Food & Drinks) & FMCGs(Personal and home care). Also in pharmaceuticals, we currently track 4 product cateories.

You may want to access the platform at RetailScope BrandInsight.

One other challenge i faced building this was to deploy the app with a custom theme using streamlit…I was able to solve the problem by learning from one of the post in this community, many thanks to streamlit community.

I hope to work with streamlit in Nigeria and be a great ambassador of this great company.

@streamlitbot thanks for caring and updating with new components and APIs :v: :v:

Our APP is ready for use, thanks to Streamlit. We say thank you from Nigeria :smiley: :smiley:


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