HTTP Error 404 Not Found

I can run my apps on localhost but I got a problem when deploying app on Streamlit.
I get a message “urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found”

Fyi… I am using Python 3.10 + Mac OS

My repo on GitHub GitHub - widiantoko/gresik

My app on streamlit

Thanks for your help…


Hey @widiantoko,

Can you share the full text of the error message (from the console on the right side of the app)?

Hey @Caroline
Like this…?

Yes, but please copy and paste the text in the future rather than posting a screenshot.

It looks like the error is coming from line 81, where you’re passing the URL “” to read_excel.

It seems like the storage repo might be private, because when I enter that URL in my browser, I get a 404 page (see screenshot below).

Probably this is the right link:

However this should be even easier, since the file is in the same repo:

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@Caroline thank for your help.
I have delete repo on Github “Storage/xwh_romo.xlsx.” and change with “Gresik/xwh_romo.xlsx”

But I dont change my coding. :sob::sob:

@Franky1 thanks for your advice

Did changing the URL in the app to “” resolve the issue for you?

I am not with my :computer: right now. I will check my code.

But I am sure repo “storage/xwh_romo.xlsx” is deleted

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