I am confused about if streamlit is suitable for my projects!

Sorry, I’m new here and have no experience so :
I want to make a web application project for 2000 organizations. Each group has its own admn, who adds the privileges of individuals. Each organization has an employee who deals with the data CRUD and an administrator to request the services from the central server to analyze the data in the database and return the results, which may contain a million individuals…
Can we say Streamlit is good for that or Not.?

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Hi @Zakaria_Mokhtari,
Thanks for sharing this question! It is definitely possible that you may encounter performance issues if trying to load one million rows of data in your Streamlit app (I think it’s pretty likely you’d encounter performance issues loading one million rows with most app frameworks). I’d recommend checking out our docs on caching and our blog post on improving your Streamlit app’s loading speed.

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Thank you very much for the answer. I am happy with that
I mean, the shared database will be quite large

If u want to prototype your backend logic: you can leverage jupyter nb.

If you want to prototype a fullstack app: you use streamlit framework.

Prototype: as the name suggests is meant to be for just one user, very limited functionalities.