I am not able to deploys due to a mysterious issue

Hey guy, I am trying to deploy my app but I can not figure out what’s going on. Can you help me ?

As you can see, all the dependencies are installed but something is not right…

Thanks you all.

Hi @caiosoter

Looking at the requirements.txt file from your repo looks okay to me. Have you tried rebooting the app or deleting it and re-deploying to see if the results are different. Also, noticed that you had AWS credentials, have you specified those in the secrets management for your app?

Actually, the error is due to an overload of data into the disk, when I try to load a 200 million feather file into cloud…

Hi @caiosoter

I think your app may have outgrown the resource limit (namely memory as 1 GB is allocated to Community tier apps). However, you can also try to see if you can optimize the app to use less resources, check out the following for some ideas:

3 steps to fix app memory leaks

Hey, I do not know if I can optimize even more. I wonder if there is a different tier that provides more memory to the user…

Hi @caiosoter

Unfortunately, the Community Cloud only has the community tier, to access more compute resource you can explore cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean. Please see the following Docs page for more info on deploying to these platforms: