I am unable to deploy my project on streamlit cloud

Hi everyone, i am trying To deploy my model but i am unable to do this. In my project i am using two modules

  1. yfinace
  2. deta

This two are not installing on the server and it’s throwing error.

Please help me if any have to solution for this.

For reference i am attaching the screenshots,

Thank you

Have you created your requirements files appropriately so Streamlit Cloud knows to install packages?

Create a file named requirements.txt alongside your main app with:


Yes , a proper requirements.txt file is created all other dependencies are installed except yfinace and deta

Please can you link your repository?

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Although, I just noticed: Your error message says yfinace not yfinance. Can you double check spelling in both your requirements file and your code?

Spelling corrected then also its not working

Link of my repository

A couple things you can try:

  1. Reboot your app after any environment changes to make sure nothing is stuck. If that’s no good, let me know what the current error reads.

  2. If you are getting any install errors prior to attempting to run your app, you may try minimizing your requirements file. Streamlit (and all its dependencies) are installed by default and don’t need to be in the Streamlit Cloud requirements file.

There’s a typo in your dependency file name. It’s requirements.txt, not requirments.txt.

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