I get an error for deployment but no comment

I have coded an app with streamlit but there are several files .py in my project.
Is that the problem of “Oh no we can not deplopy your app” ?

My project is here : https://github.com/MaximeTut/Valeur_immobiliere

Many thanks

Hi @Maxime_tut, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Which app doesn’t deploy? I was able to deploy app.py, though it later crashes (I presume that’s due to running out of resources, but I didn’t validate).


Hi Randyzwitch,
Thanks for your message.
app.py is the main page, and I have several sections that I cut with eda_page.py, eda_app.py, ml_app.py in order to not write all code in app.py.

Have a good week end,

Thanks for confirming.

As I mentioned, your app does successfully build.

So I would evaluate how much data you are loading as part of your load_data statement. Try with a 1000 records or something obviously small, and increase from there. If it works with a small subset, then the issue is that you’re running out of resources on the free tier.