I launched a Streamlit app on Product Hunt - Moseca

Hello people!

I’m thrilled to share with you all that I’ve just launched a streamlit app called Moseca, a music separation tool, on Product Hunt.

:musical_note: Key Features:

  • High-Quality Stem Separation: Dive deep into your favorite tracks by separating vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano, and more!

  • AI-Powered: Using state-of-the-art AI technology, we ensure the most accurate and clear separations.

  • Karaoke Fun: Ever wanted to belt out your favorite tune without the original vocals? Now you can! Search for any YouTube song and create your karaoke track.

  • 100% Open-Source & Free: Free personal alternative to platforms like lalal.ai, splitter.ai, or media.io vocal remover.

  • DIY Deployment: Want more control? Deploy Moseca on Hugging Face Spaces or even locally with Docker in a click!

I’d love for you to check it out, and if you appreciate the work, please consider supporting me with an upvote or feedback on Product Hunt!

Moseca - Extract vocals and instrument from any song | Product Hunt

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!


thats actually a nice system ! well done @fabiogra . i have upvoted this in product hunt

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Thanks a lot!

Very nicely done! I shared your app internally :slight_smile:


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Thank you @Charly_Wargnier!

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